Monday, November 14, 2011

Every Day is a Play Day Week Challenge

Today I was very happy to stumble across the Active Kids Club website and learn that this week is their "Every Day is a Play Day" challenge. The concept is super simple: get your kids outside every single day. We're in!

Bonnie and Fred are both sick today with fevers and general "feelbadiness," but this has not kept them inside the house on this dark, incredibly windy, but relatively mild fall day. In fact, they were outside playing during a break from school work this morning when I sat down and read the above link. If they are well enough to be out of bed, they are well enough to be outside. On a typical day in our house, it's a challenge for me to keep the kids inside.

Tomorrow will be a little more challenging to get them outside because it's supposed to be both cold and rainy all day. Cold I can handle. Rainy I can handle. Cold and rainy? That's usually a play-puzzles-and-read-books kind of day in our house. But I am loving the philosophy of Active Kids: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing, and I will make an effort to get them out there.

Who else is in?


  1. If I had an "out there" as nice as yours, I'd be in. There's just not much worth doing in our backyard.

  2. Fair enough! We've had the house with a postage stamp-sized back yard and I know it's not as easy to get the kids outside in that scenario. I don't think the website linked caters to kids in the country though... there are many suggestions for outside activities in urban areas, too. The main point that I took from it is that even when the weather isn't "ideal," kids still need to be outside everyday.