Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going Poo Free

I've heard about "no pooing," or not using shampoo, on several occasions, and decided to give it a try after reading more about it here.

Here are some pictures of my non-shampooed hair.

Today's the fourth day of using baking soda and vinegar instead of shampoo. The blog linked above and those I've read elsewhere talk about a "transition period" of having extra-oily hair, and I think I'm there. When my hair dries, it almost seems like I have gel or some other product in it when I don't. It holds the curl and isn't frizzy.

We generally use natural shampoos and conditioners, but they are expensive, so I'm happy to switch to baking soda and apple cider vinegar if they work. Bonnie used them on her ridiculously thick and frizzy mop two days ago, with excellent results. I only wash the boys' hair once a week or less often, but plan on trying this the next time I do.

Besides the obvious cost savings of skipping the shampoo, the idea of less plastic waste in the household is a very appealing benefit. We recycle our shampoo and conditioner bottles currently, but how awesome would it be if we refill the ones we have with baking soda and vinegar and never buy more? In addition, we're already buying baking soda and vinegar in bulk (because I use it for almost all my household cleaning) so we always have it on hand. It should even has the added bonus of keeping our bathtub drain running smoothly, since we struggle with my conditioner gunking it up now.

And as long as our hair continues to be clean and manageable, this whole not shampooing thing seems like a no brainer!

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  1. You have fabulous hair anyway. Curly? You'll rock no-shampoo. My hair is baby fine and limp. I look like a cast member of The Outsiders (aka The Greasers) after two days. My scalp shows through like a cheap plastic dolly's sparse hair plugs. Some of us won the lotto on the hair department. My strengths are non-folicle.