Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens (April 13, 1949 – December 15, 2011)

“The only position that leaves me with no cognitive dissonance is atheism. It is not a creed. Death is certain, replacing both the siren-song of Paradise and the dread of Hell. Life on this earth, with all its mystery and beauty and pain, is then to be lived far more intensely: we stumble and get up, we are sad, confident, insecure, feel loneliness and joy and love. There is nothing more; but I want nothing more.” 

 -Christopher Hitchens, The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Non-believer

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  1. Leanna, I respect and can understand atheism. I am a Christian but am saddened that too many Christians and people of other faiths are not accepting of others. We were not all meant to be the same or at the same levels of understanding or perspectives. Jesus was all about putting a stop to the ridiculous man-made rules and judgments. I think it's naive to believe God speaks to exclusively us in the very human-edited bible. Too me, we were intelligently made with great care and love that is revealing itself through our love and respect of each other and through our discoveries of technology--sort of a reverse engineering discovery. I often tell my grandkids math is the language of the universe--the very key to how God made us. Maybe God is simply a nerdy 10-year old playing xbox . . . Whoever he is, he works from inside of us and has left an amazing puzzle to figure out. For me, the ultimate proof of God is that our brains are infinitely capable of pursuing and learning the great puzzle. That's my take!