Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Play Day Week Challenge: Day 3

So today I was thinking two things would make this little challenge better: one, it would occur during a weather pattern of sun instead of rain, and two, my husband would not be out of town on business all week.

This evening, after a day full of schooling, dealing with a mildly sick/irritable four year old, a fun trip to the library followed by lunch out with friends, a first piano lesson for Bonnie (while mildly sick/irritable four year old made it his personal mission to make a half hour wait in the van seem like an eternity) and all the other stuff that filled up my day yet seems to be missing from the above list because the above list really doesn't look like that much when it's all typed up, the last thing I really wanted to do was go outside and play in the freaking rain with my kids.

But I did, because I'd made the mistake of telling people about this challenge, including my kids, who totally don't forget stuff. Ever. Unless it's something I asked them to do, like clean their rooms. At any rate, we played soccer and it was awesome. Then we came inside and added to the pile of dirty clothes that I may get to tomorrow.

Then, when I realized it was only six and I couldn't put the kids to bed for hours, we watched TV. A lot of it.


  1. Watching a lot of t.v. doesn't feel as bad if you've played soccer first!