Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homeschooling Woes

This is officially one of those days when I wonder what the hell I'm doing homeschooling my kids. Nothing is going as planned, and I had a lot planned for today, a rare day when we have no errands or places to be until evening.

Bonnie stayed up late reading and I couldn't drag her out of bed until 9:30 this morning. It's 10:00 now, and she's still moseying through her breakfast. If we complete one subject before lunch time, I'll be shocked.

The boys have been fighting more than usual for a few days now, and this morning it's been particularly difficult to keep them from hurting each other. Several minutes ago I told Jack, "Remember that saying 'I'm ignoring you' to your brother is not actually ignoring him." In addition to the fighting, they each already have said the word "poop" more times than I can count. Unfortunately, even the weather is conspiring against me, and I can't send them out there to run some of this stuff off.

So yes, it's definitely one of those days. But I have to remind myself that Bonnie was up late reading. Reading. Maybe I should look at that from the perspective that she did an extra two hours of school work before bed, and relax a little about our late start this morning. And yes, the boys are driving me crazy with their fighting, but they were awesome at the library and the pumpkin patch yesterday, and being tired from such a long day is almost certainly causing them to be more short with each other than usual.

Kelly helped the kids carve their pumpkins last night, and I keep looking at the individual jack-o-lanterns on the counter and seeing my kids' personalities on display. Fred's pumpkin is first. He chose one that couldn't stand upright, and decided to make his jack-o-lantern happy and smiling. Bonnie's is in the middle and throwing up. And Jack walked through a huge field of orange pumpkins to pick a green one.

So, while I'm feeling a bit like a homeschooling failure and considering pulling all my hair out today, yesterday was a total success.


  1. It's such a RELIEF to read of others' doubts and struggles. Some days I feel akin to a schizophrenic--I love that they're home, seeing how they can flourish in small, meaningful ways; I hate that they're all in my space and wasting my life. Back and forth. It we're crazy, at least we'll have company!

  2. How I hate those days! I think you are right to consider Bonnie's reading the night before as extra school work. You can also consider the boys not outright harming each other a lesson in social skills. =o)
    And as soon as you're over this battle, there will be another. At least it doesn't yet involve explaining why geometry is necessary...