Friday, July 27, 2012

School Readiness

Has anyone read Penelope Trunk? She has both a career and a homeschool blog. Her strict unschooling is often a little more than I can handle. (For example, she doesn't limit screen time.) But occasionally her posts really resonate with me, as is the case with today's post about kindergarten readiness. (It's that time of year!) She writes:

Kindergarten is the first time that kids will have their creativity crushed in the name of following along with the group. Kindergarten will be the first time they will be part of a group of twenty-five or more kids who are supervised by only one or two adults. It's a different story with that ratio: kids need to fall into step to make things manageable. This is really what kindergarten teaches you.

This passage brings up images of Bonnie's kindergarten experience, complete with little painted lines on the hallway floors so the kids could literally learn to fall into step. I am so glad Jack didn't have that experience last year. In what should technically have been his kindergarten year, he spent most of his time running around outside and learning through play-based activities, mostly of his choice. He was obviously NOT ready to learn to read, and I didn't push it. Now, before what should be the start of his first grade year, he has told me he wants to learn to read and is making progress each day toward that goal. His goal. 

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  1. I read Penelope. She always garners lots of comments, which are humorous or enlightening or affirming. Also--she is so deadpan serious in her arguments, it can't help but make one want to take a side and argue.

    My son has some sensory issues, which we discovered/heard of in 2nd grade. I think his dad had/has them, too. Some things that don't phase me at all make them nearly frantic. To be forced into one kind of school makes me wonder how adults would react being boxed into one kind of work. We're not. Why should they?