Monday, April 2, 2012

Screen Free Week

Has anyone participated in Screen Free Week? We did it last year and look forward to doing it again this April 30th to May 6th. Bonnie complained beforehand, but we ended up all enjoying more time together as a family without all the electronic distractions. I am definitely NOT ready to give up all gadgets and television completely, but this activity is a wonderful reminder of the benefits of monitoring screen use. And it's good for the kids to be reminded that screen use is like any other choice, and the decision to turn them on is also a decision not to do something else. Finding that balance is key!

Anyone else in?


  1. In the good weather (Michigan = May through October) we do screen-free Sundays. They made the day seem sooooo long. I loved them.

    1. I love that idea... will have to see if I can talk the rest of the family into it.

  2. I love you but hell no!