Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Funny Stuff, Followed by Sad Stuff

I've got sibling troubles on my brain, so rather than a (hopefully) well-thought out piece of writing, I'm going to share more funny nonreligious stuff I've seen lately. Laughing at someone else's expense makes me feel better. I'm mean like that.

Ok. This one is the bomb, and it really shows the absurdity of the entire creationist worldview. Click the picture to see it full-sized, and be sure to read all the comments on the bottom.

And here's one from an article about the dependence of religion on dysfunctional societies. This is only one of the graphs, but all of them are funny and not exactly surprising. (Seriously, look at all of them.)

Sorry. My heart's just not in it.

This morning my aunt watched the boys so that I could run errands that included going to the bank, checking the mail, picking up a gallon of milk, and dropping by the jail to schedule a visitation with my little brother. I was planning on visiting him today, but apparently it has to be scheduled in advance. I love learning new things!

My kids are all concerned about their uncle. I can't believe some of the questions Jack has come up with, though of course they escape my mind as I type this. He and Fred have been "playing jail," locking their stuffed animals up behind pretend bars for imagined crimes.

Me, I just want my little brother back. The one who doesn't tell lie after lie and break laws to support a horrible drug addiction. I see Fred and Jack playing together everyday, the same way my brother and I did (I don't mean playing "jail", just playing in general), and it breaks my heart. Where is that sweet, intelligent, caring, sensitive little kid? Maybe, hopefully, he will turn up in that cell.


  1. Oh wow, Leanna, so sorry about your brother. I know how frustrating it is to watch people you love repeatedly making bad choices. I hope he gets through it ok, and that he takes away something useful from the experience. *hugs*