Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They Might be Awesome

We've been rocking out to They Might Be Giants in our house. So happy that the band who helped me get through college with such brilliant songs as Birdhouse in Your Soul and Istanbul (Not Constantinople) have released a science album for kids, Here Comes Science. They even made cute little videos to go with each song. Here's the first and possibly my favorite song, Science is Real.

With songs like Meet the Elements, Why Does the Sun Really Shine? and My Brother the Ape, this album is ridiculously catchy. Bonnie's favorite song is What is a Shooting Star? (Warning: only listen to this if you like having songs stuck in your head all day.) Seriously, there need to be more rounds in songs.

If you have kids that love science (and really, what kids don't?) I can't recommend this album enough. We're loving it.

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  1. Love, love, love this CD. We have been listening to it nonstop here too, and I gave it a glowing review recently on my blog also. I will definitely be getting more of their music for my kids!