Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sick Day

Yesterday was our third day of school and our first sick day of the year. The kids each had a mild tummy bug, but we learned that a lot can be accomplished in between runs (pun not intended) to the bathroom.

Bonnie completed math, spelling, history, reading, geography and science. She played outside and caught a lizard.

Jack worked on writing his letters, had a math lesson, and started learning how to read a calendar. He greatly admired the lizard Bonnie caught.

Fred also had a math lesson and though he was present for the calendar introduction, I'm not sure that he paid attention. Who am I kidding? I know he didn't pay attention. He did work extra hard and was successful at not taking a nap, and had even more success in his endeavors with not using the potty. Considering the first paragraph I wrote in this entry, you can likely imagine how much fun his anti-potty endeavors were for me.

I read a retelling of Don Quixote to all three kids, and then Jack, Bonnie and I watched a clip of "Dream the Impossible Dream" on YouTube. (Fred is going through a phase of being terrified of all television and movies, so he opted out.)

And as with any other day, we read plenty of other books aloud, and Bonnie read more before bed.

It was a good day for homeschooling!


  1. Is there any such thing as a sick day for an ill parent? Not in my experience.

  2. Definetely not, whether in homeschooling or in parenting in general.